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The story between me and the doll How should I start? I must admit that I not only like to have sex with a sex dolls. Yes, one of these modern sex dolls has proven to be a good companion. Recently I have had my favorite love doll experience, which is very wonderful, I don't want to detain it from you. It all started with a repairman who grew out of the house. During this time, I had to use another sex doll to pass the time. But it's not the same, I started to be more and more eager for an unfortunate doll that I don't love. In hindsight, of course, this is naive, only one week. But at the time I didn't know how long I could stay without my favorite Love doll. If you call me crazy, I can't change it. But this doll is my only thing, as I have noticed now, not a little surprised. Soon I walked around like a tiger in a cage, just because I didn't have this doll. And sitting in my apartment, there are some other Love dolls looking at me reproachfully. At least that is what I look like. So I caught one of the sex dolls because I hope she is a bit comforting. I did my best, but I loved the doll and felt a bit disdainful. So of course it's no wonder that my best work disappoints me, I have to put the Love doll back in place. Same as other sex dolls. You can put on, make up and shape your sex silicone dolls according to your preferences. It will never contradict you or make constant demands, just as real women often do. And she is not just a masturbation, she spent a lot of money. Because she is sitting at the table with you and in front of the TV, you can even take her to the suitcase while traveling. Depending on the model, the Real doll can stand and have enough power to hold the object in the arm and hand. For example, you can use it as a powerful attraction for storing your tablet, keychain or smartphone. Although the relationship involves not pure sex, love dolls naturally have vaginal and anal. In addition, her mouth is equipped with a tongue and sometimes even teeth. Real doll also has its own weight, which ensures that you can use sex dolls to make your love life very realistic. Such Real dolls feel soft and warm and can hug. I think now you can understand that I am getting more and more desperate. I called the hotline again and I was sure that the repair was completed and my tpe dolls has returned to me. Now I have a busy conversation: when my sex doll arrives, the apartment must be thoroughly cleaned. I also went out to buy snacks and a bottle of expensive sparkling wine, so I can celebrate this much-anticipated event as normal. Finally, the next morning is the time. The parcel courier called and we put the packaged sex doll into my apartment. I can't wait until I am alone to start unpacking. The outer carton opens quickly and at some level my sex doll is exposed. Of course, I still have to put the dolls together, I am shaking. When she finally sat in the chair, I also attached the head of the sex doll, and my joy was overwhelming. I felt tears when I touched her and told her how much I longed for her. Then this happened and I have not left my head since then. My love doll blinked at me and looked happy. It seemed to say, "You have missed you!" What else I need to mention is that the sex with my love dolls is the best I have ever experienced?