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The laser pointer refers to the laser pointer, which refers to the star's feathers, usually used in statements, teaching, and guidance processes to reflect or point at the object. According to media reports, the recently burned laser pen incident has been organized, and on the other hand, there are still many parents who are not aware that the green laser pointer can lead to children's safety problems, or that children in this area do not have the safety of education. Recently, reporters visited several official stationery products in Shanghai, saying they did not sell laser pens. "The students who were near the school at the school might have to sell it and the quality was poor. However, because of the school holidays, most of the canteen is closed, the reporter cannot buy the laser. The shop found that the laser pen sold well, many so-called "hundred meters range", "power consumption", prices ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of yuan. In addition to the individual company tag, don't direct eyes, "is not a child not to children's toys to play," that is to say, even if most of the products by the power of the astronomical laser pen do not tag. Reporter at a major laser pointer of the consumer asks: laser power how good laser pen can let the child play again "dealer say authority not bid", but only point out affirmation. The reporter saw a variety of ordinary high power laser pointer. A handbag balloon erupts two seconds into the hole The reporter buys a power output of 100mW this laser sight and flashlight generally used in a lot of shapes. Equipped with a fully charged battery, the reporter opens the pen and sends out a green beam with very high brightness. See the beam of light beam is less than 10 seconds, the reporter eyes felt some pain, head a little dizzy. Journalist sunglasses to avoid laser eye injury. The reporter rotates the laser pointer lens to give it a light focus. The laser pointer is at a distance of more than 10 centimetres, and the reporter has a regular black laser beam in the contest, and five seconds later, it's just a pop, a light bulb. The reporter then shone a laser pointer on balloons and black plastic bags. Two balloons were struck with a laser pointer for a second or two, and the black plastic bags on the laser burned very porous. When journalists say they want to buy a cigarette that can be lit by a laser pointer, many shopkeepers say that the price of a high-power laser pointer between 100 and 500 yuan is different for different types of quality. It is understood that most of the current high-power laser pens are for outdoor use, or for some amateurs. Many people don't know about the laser pointer blue on the injured body. Industry resources, including those with poor quality of online and multi-market sales, revealed that the majority of companies in guangdong posing as net importers of laser designators in order to make profiteering, the only signs of the laser designators and packaging, are not in Chinese, thus posing a security risk. In order to meet the demand, some enterprises sell "laser pen" purchasing power, posing a great threat to the safety of the public, especially students, and it is easy to induce fire. The laser demonstrator has many colors to choose from, including red, green, purple and blue. The device is powered by a thin rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The smart low power detector starts to blink blue, indicating the need to charge the battery, and the high-power red laser. The electronic laser is a wireless product but has a long and high performance of 2.4ghz technology. The wireless range is 10 meters. The new gadget costs about $50. Laser designators can be useful, educational and interesting when used correctly. They allow you to report things that are usually untouchable. In recent years, the laser pointer has become more and more popular, caused the public awareness of the safety problems. But security is primarily based on user error, not the laser pointer itself is dangerous. The green laser aligned with the most advanced green laser diode 532nm technology as its unique projection method. In many industrial machines or manufacturing facilities, it can be a very important part of targeting and locating a set of parts. Such as cutting positioning, price of laser pointer, iron processing, PCB processing, machinery manufacturing, steel wire cutting positioning, etc., is a highly feasible raw materials. This advanced online laser has a red laser pen as the leading import rifle green and glass coating optical lens. Used for long distances or long time continuous line projection work, has the special advantages. Its beam stability is still 40% higher than the normal laser. In addition, its service life is at least 3,000 hours longer than the normal laser. Regardless of the type of work environment, this is the point where you can still get the best line of results when you're adjusting to the right direction of the laser.