On the one hand, the location of the phone booth cannot guarantee the confidentiality of other prisoners and prison staff. Respect for privacy, and the confidentiality of the exchanges between lawyers and clients is to be voided by the location of the hallway process or the walking booth, and free access to a lot of ears. The state department has confirmed that in the judgment [1] of July 23, 2014, the judge ordered the prison authorities to take measures in the order of the administrative court of 23 lane in April 2015 to ensure that the confidentiality of cell phones interfering with the phone was made by the prison inmate, raine Vezin, with their lawyers in any situation or with family members, and the reasons for the need not to be heard.WiFi jammers are used to solve the problems of home WiFi security and public WiFi security. Welcome to jammer-buy for WiFi jammer, to protect your privacy.