LED Night Light Factory: LED Night Light Installation And Maintenance

Small night lights are often installed in the living room, corridors, passages and bedrooms, etc., often as a long light.

(1) The height of the general night light is 80 to 85 cm from the ground.

(2) The distance that the night light picks out the wall is about 10~80mm.

The installation method of the night light is relatively simple. Insert the lamp cap into the lamp cover according to the designed slot, then rotate the lamp head 90 degrees, fix the lamp cap and the lamp cover, and then insert the plug into the socket.

Note on the use of night light:

1. Do not open the back cover and plug it into the power supply.

2. Do not tear the packaging paper, otherwise it will not be guaranteed.

3. When used in a bad place such as wet environment, the rear adjustment hole should be blocked.

4. When using outdoors, pay attention to rain and sun protection.

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