Emergency Light Manufacturers – Fire Emergency Light Use: Note 6

When a danger occurs, the role of the fire emergency light can not be underestimated. Sometimes it is precisely this fire emergency light that saves a lot of people’s lives. So how do you use fire emergency lights? What should you pay attention to when using them? The Emergency Light Manufacturers stated:

How to use fire emergency lights

In fact, the use of fire emergency lights is very simple, as follows:

1. After the power is turned on, the green indicator of the fire emergency light is on, and when charging, the red indicator light is on, and the emergency is in a waiting state. The emergency light will be illuminated immediately by pressing the test button on the panel.

2. When the power is off, the fire emergency light will automatically light up. At this time, people can also use the switch button on the panel to control the lighting of the emergency light.

Fire emergency light use precautions

The installation of fire emergency lights is not unconditional. The following precautions should be taken into account:

1. Fire emergency lights are not suitable for installation outdoors, in wet or corrosive gases.

2, fire emergency lights should be powered by a separate circuit, can not be used with lighting or other switches with switching equipment to ensure that the fire emergency lights can be properly charged at any time.

3. If the emergency time is less than the rated time during use, replace the battery in time.

4. There are working status indicators on the fire emergency light. The green display represents the main power, the red display represents charging, and the yellow display means failure. Therefore, during the use of the fire emergency light, it is necessary to check regularly whether the working condition of the product is normal. So as not to affect the use.

5. When the bulb in the fire emergency light is burned out, replace the bulb of the corresponding specification in time.

6. If the product is deactivated or stored for a long time, it should be charged and discharged every three months to protect the performance of the fire emergency light battery.