Linsheng: What Is A Mini Jump Starter?

This is the first question. Small jump starters have been on the market for many years, but many people do not know what they are.

What is the difference between a small jump starter device and a power pack? Linsheng introduction

Many people confuse the mini jumper with the power pack, and they always compare the value of the two products. In fact, even though small jumpers and power packs look and function alike, they are different.

–1) the material of micro jump-starting device is lithium cobalt oxide with high discharge rate, whose maximum instantaneous discharge can reach 130C, providing high instantaneous current for the starting of automobile engine.

When the battery pack is made of lithium-ion batteries, the discharge is only 1c, and cannot be used to start a car engine.

–2) the power pack is only used to charge the mobile phone, while the mini jumper has more functions, such as SOS, connecting the air compressor to pump the tire, and providing power for the laptop.

–3) the micro jumper starter has three series battery units, which can obtain the output voltage of 12 volts to start 12 car batteries.

After learning the difference between a small long jump starter and a power pack, are you still surprised that such a small long jump starter can start a large car?

Most people are surprised at the first sight of a mini jumper. Of course, when compared with power Banks, they are also surprised by the price.

Now let’s talk about their market. Power packs, which are already very well known to consumers, and mini jumpers are still new to most consumers, but gradually mini jumpers will replace power packs, which is the trend in the market, just as digital cameras have replaced traditional cameras.