LED Craft Light : What Are The Types Of Craft Desk Light ?

In recent years, craft desk lamp is tool of a kind of illume not just to a family, because it still has certain craft to decorate a function at the same time. LED Craft Light briefly introduces the types of process lamp

What does craft desk lamp kind have?

1. LED lamp is a kind of bedside lamp selected by many people, and it also has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and safety. At the same time, LED small light source sufficient, excellent lighting performance, no light source flicker and no radiation. But LED lamp light source is single, color line is narrow, long time use, will affect our visual nerve.

2. Floor lamps are mainly placed beside beds or sofas, which can meet our lighting needs and save energy. Floor lamp design is usually simple and generous, and has a strong decorative effect, can make our interior space more beautiful and warm.

3, wall hanging type desk lamp can appear commonly with the bedside edge of residence, hotel, this kind of desk lamp is installed normally inside wall, take up a space lesser, get the love of a lot of people.