Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share The Advantages Of Faucet Water Purifier

The faucet water purifier is generally used for filtering domestic water such as kitchen water and daily drinking water. With the improvement of living standards, almost every household will install a faucet water purifier, whether it is of simple or complicated structure. Therefore, the service life of faucet water purifier has also become a concern. Following kitchen faucets manufacturers , let’s take a look.

Classification of faucet water purifiers
First, faucet water purifiers are generally divided into primary filtration and multi-stage filtration. The primary filtration belongs to coarse filtration and can only remove particles such as silt. The filtered water can be drunk directly only after heat treatment. Most of them are low-grade water purification products, and their service life is shorter.

Second, multi-stage water purifier. Generally, ceramic and filter materials are used. Can filter sediment, algae, colloid, residual chlorine and other substances, with good purification effect, but cannot be directly drunk. The longevity noodles are longer.

Third, the ultrafiltration membrane faucet water purifier consists of multi-stage prefiltration and ultrafiltration membrane, which can intercept most bacteria and harmful substances. It is currently the most ideal direct drinking water purification device in the world for separation and filtration, ensuring that filtered water can be used more safely and healthily.

Life of faucet water purifier
First, generally speaking, the service life of faucet water purifier is related to different water purification technologies, different water quality and different frequency of use. For example, the service life of a multistage water purifier is much longer than that of a primary water purifier.

Second, the life of ceramic filter element is longer than that of hollow fiber filter element and longer than that of activated carbon filter element.

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