Gear Pump Manufacturers – Gear Pump Tank Oil Pollution: Prevention Method

If the oil in the gear pump tank is contaminated, it will affect the suitability of the gear pump. How to prevent this phenomenon from happening? Gear Pump Manufacturers states:

  (1) Remaining gear assembly when assembled

  For example, paint peeling sheets, welding slag, and the like. Before assembly, the inner surface of the fuel tank must be cleaned strictly, and the rust and oil stains should be strictly removed, and the inner wall of the fuel tank should be painted with paint. If the bed is used as a fuel tank, if it is a casting, clean the sand core, etc. If it is welding: the sunflower should pay attention to the cleaning of the welding slag.

  (2) Intrusion from the outside world

  1 The oil tank should pay attention to the dustproof seal, and install an air filter and an atmosphere at the top of the fuel tank, so that the air is filtered and then enters the fuel tank.

  The air filter often doubles as a fuel injection port. Standard parts (EF type ● are available for sale. It can be equipped with a copper mesh oil filter of about 100 mesh to filter the oil added to the fuel tank. It is also filtered by the paper core. Better, but the ability to communicate with the atmosphere is worse, so the paper core capacity is larger.

  2 In order to prevent external intrusion into the tank, the dirt in the tank is sucked into the pump, and a partition is installed in the tank to separate the oil return zone and the oil suction zone. Through the partition plate, the time for the oil to return to the oil tank can be prolonged, and the oil can be prevented from being oxidized and deteriorated; on the other hand, the sedimentation of the dirt is also facilitated. The height of the partition is 3/4 of the height of the oil surface.

  3 The tank bottom is inclined. The degree of inclination of the bottom plate depends on the size of the fuel tank and the viscosity of the oil used, and is generally 1/64 to 1/24. A drain plug is provided at the lowest part of the tank floor to remove dirt accumulated at the bottom of the tank.

  4 The distance between the suction pipe and the highest point of the bottom plate should be 150mm or more to prevent dirt from collecting.

  (3) Reduce the generation of dirt in the system

  1 Prevent the generation of condensed moisture in the fuel tank. A large enough capacity air filter must be selected so that the heated air on the top of the tank is quickly discharged, and does not condense on the cold tank lid to drop water into the tank; on the other hand, a large-capacity air cleaner Or venting holes to eliminate the air at the top of the tank; the difference between atmospheric pressure and atmospheric pressure prevents dust from being introduced from the outside when the top layer is below atmospheric pressure.

  2 The use of anti-rust parts can be good for lubricating oil, stone can reduce the occurrence of wear and prevent rust.