Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Standard Of Sink Width

Renovation is a step-by-step process. Everything is in order. Buying a kitchen sink is no exception. handmade sink manufacturers share the size of the kitchen sink.

Many people may know that they can use a single sink or a double sink in their home. But there is no concept of what size to look at. The size of the kitchen sink is actually based on evidence.

The general sink position is the window facing the kitchen. Of course, there will be exceptions, such as placing a sink in the corner of the cabinet. The corner sink is for more rational use of the cabinet space. The preference and convenience are also different from person to person. Just like the family likes to cook together, you can’t use the sink at the same time.

The width (depth) of the kitchen cabinet is generally around 500 to 550 mm. The corresponding kitchen countertop width is between 550 and 650mm. Therefore, the width of the stainless steel kitchen sink is generally 450 to 500 mm, the size of the foreign trade sink will be too large, and the main performance will be above the width of the sink. The same style of sink, foreign trade is about 50mm wider than the domestic. Therefore, friends who purchase foreign trade products should pay attention to the size of their own countertops. It is best to customize the size according to the actual needs.

When installing the sink on the countertop, the width needs to be reserved at least 100 to 150mm. Generally, the rules of the last three or seven or the last seven and eight. However, this is not absolute. It is best to consult your own designer according to the actual situation.

If it is inside the window, you must consider the position of the faucet on the sink, and the faucet must not open and close the window. This is a thing that can be avoided, so keep an eye out.

If the surface of the sink is more than 1200mm in length, it is theoretically possible to use a double sink. Because the average double basin size is about 800mm, then there is still 400 to 500mm space left to cut the cutting board for cooking. The double sink will make the overall space of the kitchen large, and it is more convenient to clean.

A large single sink is very practical. Cleaning large items is no problem. If you are worried that the large sink is more expensive or it is not convenient to clean small things, you can choose a drain basket or a basin. Need to put it on, don’t want to use it and take it down.

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