How To Solve The Leakage Phenomenon Of Stainless Steel Faucets

First, the water outlet leaks
When the water leaking from the stainless steel faucets is encountered, many people think that it can be solved by tightening the tool with tools, but this is not the case. The reason for the water leakage is because the gasket in the faucet is worn out. At this time, the gland can be screwed down with pliers, and the shaft gasket can be taken out and replaced with a new gasket.

Second, the faucet leaks
Everyone must have encountered this situation. The faucet always has a gap in the water leaking, and the water can’t be closed. The reason for this is that the triangular seal in the gland is damaged. At this time, the gland is also loosened. Then take it off, take out the triangular seal inside, and put it on.

Third, the water stop tape is damaged
In fact, the reason for the leakage of the faucet is nothing more than the few kinds. In addition to the above two cases, it may be that the sealing tape of the faucet part is damaged. At this time, the water sealing tape should be replaced. At this time, remove the faucet with a wrench and replace it with a new water-stop tape.

4. If the amount of water is reduced, water leakage may have occurred.
Sometimes when we turn on the faucet switch, we find out how the water is smaller than before. Is there a problem with the water pressure, but in fact this may be a precursor to the damage of the faucet, because the water stop disk is stuck by the gravel, so the water output is caused. Getting smaller and smaller.

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