China Emergency Light: Why Are The Exit Signs Different In Color?
China Emergency Light clarification: Building codes require each company to have emergency lights pointing to the exit. Most buildings in the United States use traditional emergency exit signs to display words in large, thick red letters. However, some states use green exit signs in their buildings. There are also exit signs that combine the «runner» pictogram with the exit sign.

Why are the exit signs different in color?

There is a lot of discussion about why some export signs are red and some are green. The introduction of running pictograms also raises questions about which logo should be used. Use red to make it easier to see signs in the dark or in a smoke-filled environment.

After all, the bold red letters contrast sharply with the black or white background, making it very clear, especially when using emergency lights. As for the green export mark, other countries regard green as a safe color. This is in stark contrast to red, which can mean danger or stop

What emergency light should you use?

The red exit sign is more commonly used in the United States, but the green exit sign can also be seen in more buildings. The color exit flag to be used depends on the status. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration stipulates that the letters on the exit sign should be at least 6 inches high, but the color restrictions are determined by the state and city governments.