Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Can Increase Balcony Storage Space

A balcony is a familiar place in our family life. It is practical to use it. Regardless of whether the children’s shoes are large or small, there is at least one balcony, and the clothes are definitely on the balcony. Today’s laundry cabinets are mostly designed on the balcony.

There is usually a sink next to the laundry cabinet, and water is often used. Therefore, in the choice of materials, it is necessary to choose a material with good moisture resistance. Brick is a good choice. In order to prevent the washing machine from getting wet, we can raise the floor properly, which can increase the service life of the washing machine. Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet can also be used when selecting materials.

Do not install the power socket of the washing machine directly behind the washing machine. Otherwise, leave extra space for plugging in. It is the most scientific to install under the sink! It is best to determine the position of the sink before renovating the water and electricity, so as to avoid the unsatisfactory installation.

If there is extra space above the laundry cabinet, install it, don’t squat the clothes rail, it’s really practical, and the lazy must have good products. Washed socks, panties are sometimes inconvenient to use dry buckets. Do not dry and worry about dripping down, in the empty space above the laundry pool, install a clothes rail, a special convenience.

Sometimes underwear must be washed by hand because machine washing is really inconvenient. If you have a washboard, it is much more convenient and quickly improve the efficiency of washing clothes. In fact, there are some finished products, but the finished product is easy to slide and can be equipped with a pull-type faucet, so that there is no dead angle to wash the table top, and it is convenient to take out the faucet and rinse it.

Usually, washing clothes in the laundry pool will be more. If it is too short, it will bend over and it will be uncomfortable for a long time. And the height of 85cm is generally comfortable height. If you are not tall, this height is very suitable. Of course, this is still to decide on your own height!
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